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Affordable Music Video Studio In South London

If you are a new artist looking to make your first music video then Arch Photo Studio is the ideal affordable studio to get creative in. Are you looking for a film studio in London where you can shoot fantastic music videos on a budget? We provide studio hire rental services for anyone looking for studio space to shoot music videos. Over the last year, we’ve worked with a variety of up-and-coming artists and YouTube Channels.

The studio owner also specialises in stills photography for musicians and DJ’s and other creatives. If you need an album cover shot or promo pics for Spotify and your socials, give Robbie a call/message on the above number.

Why Use Arch Photo Studio ?

All our lighting and props and smoke machine are inclusive of the hire price. You can also tap the studio owner for advice on setting up the lights. If you need a complete blackout film studio then the APS is ideal as we have no natural lighting.

Music Video Studio

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We have plenty of LED lighting in the studio. We also have colour lighting and lots of coloured gels if you would like to shoot your music videos in colour. Simply let us know what type of lighting you need for your music videos.

How much does it cost to hire a video studio?

Our studio is used by videographers, artists and small production companies for the creation of rock, pop and rap music videos. We charge £50 per hour during normal working hours ( 2 hr minimum ). The studio can be hired outside normal hours for a little bit extra. The owner is also available to help with lighting assistance as an extra as well.

You can hire our studio for a few hours or for complete days. Arch Photo is one of the most affordable studios in London for music videos. From experience about 4 hours is a good starting point for a simple video with a few different lighting setups/scenes.

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