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Please read the notes below

  • Select Hire Duration Or Photography Service
  • 2 Hour Minumum Weekday
  • 3 Hour Minimum at Weekends
  • Optional Extras – Creative Lighting, Gimbal Hire
  • See What Dates Are Available
  • Choose Your Start Time
  • Fill In Your Details and Pay
  • Receive Your Confirmation and Diary Reminder

About 2 Hour STUDIO HIRE Bookings

These are reviewed and accepted at our discretion. If we’re happy with your date and time choice, we’ll confirm the hire and send you a payment request. Your request may not be accepted. Please wait until our confirmation before making any other preparations for your shoot.

Please don’t apply for 2 hours in the middle of the day at any time, or at all at the weekend. 2 hour bookings won’t be accepted at these times.

Why You Ask – They stop other longer potential bookings from happening, therefore restricting our potential earnings. We don’t want to stop providing them BUT you have to compromise on when you shoot.

There is an exception to this rule if we already have a decent booking in one day, we can fit another short booking in before or after. Give us a call and see what’s available.

3-5 Hour Bookings in the middle of the day

If you booking a half day it’s best to either start early around 9am OR 2-3pm in the afternoon. This allows us to fit other hires in before/after you. If you book slap bang in the middle of the day you may be asked to start earlier / later if other bookings come in.