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Discover the Secrets of Gobo Photography at Arch Photo Studio

Are you interested in trying your hand at Gobo Photography but don’t want to invest in all the gear just yet? Look no further! Arch Photo Studio offers studio hire time and provides all-inclusive equipment, allowing you to explore this exciting technique.

gobo photography using rectangular shape pattern

Internal Shaping Leaves

Unleashing the Power of Godoxs’ Projectors

At Arch Photo Studio, we have discovered a unique way to combine two of Godoxs’ continuous projectors: the SA-P1 and the VSA-26K projector, with our studio flashes. While these projectors were originally designed for LED continuous lights, we have found that they also work seamlessly with Godox AD300 Pro and AD400 Pro flash units. Although it may not be the intended usage, we have successfully paired these lights for exceptional Gobo Photography results.

The Advantages of Using Flash Heads in Gobo Photography

Why do we utilize these flash heads in our Gobo Photography setup? The answer is simple: they provide us with the power of a flash, allowing us to shoot at f8 and f11 apertures. Additionally, these flashes come equipped with decent modelling lights, allowing you to visualize the effects of the light. Furthermore, they are compatible with our LED spotlights, making them suitable for filming purposes as well, catering to those who prefer shooting with continuous lights and wider apertures.

Unveiling the Magic of Gobos in Photography

Gobos, also known as “go-betweens,” are an invaluable tool in the world of photography. These small plates, made of metal, glass, or card, are placed in front of a light source to cast specific patterns or shapes onto the subject or background, enabling creative manipulation of light and shadows.

Two Gobos Used To Light Subject / Create Texture & Interest

Enhancing Compositions and Unleashing Creativity

The use of gobos in photography offers a wealth of choices to enhance compositions, add depth, and create captivating effects. They provide a way to simulate natural textures, replicate architectural details, or even project intricate patterns. By incorporating gobos into your photography, you can transform ordinary scenes into striking images, adding a touch of drama and intrigue to your photographs. When combined with coloured gels, the creative possibilities become almost limitless, allowing you to truly unleash your creativity.

Visit Arch Photo Studio and Explore Gobo Photography Today

If you’re intrigued by the possibilities offered by Gobo Photography, we invite you to visit Arch Photo Studio and make use of our studio hire time. Our all-inclusive equipment, including the combination of Godox’s continuous projectors with our studio flashes, will provide you with the tools you need to dive into this exciting technique. Capture breathtaking images, experiment with different patterns and shapes, and unlock your creative potential with Gobo Photography at Arch Photo Studio.

Gobo Photography Available at Arch Photo Studio

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