Photo Studio Hire FAQ’s

Of course we bloody do 🙂
If a studio doesn’t have a steamer then they don’t deserve to be called a studio!

Yes, you can play music. You DON’T need to bring a speaker with you. We have 75w speakers attached to an old school NAD Amplifier. You can connect to the amp via a headphone cable ( we have the adapters for iPhones ) or we have a BlueTooth receiver.

We also have an old laptop connected to the amp which we use as a Jukebox. You can use this to play music from our Spotify Pro account or connect to YouTube, Mixcloud, or BBC Sounds etc. etc.

You don’t have to lug a Bluetooth speaker with you!
My system blows all the small speakers people bring with them out of the water.

Yes, we have one large heavy-duty clothes rail and a bunch of hangers 60+.

The MUA is usually set up on the large production table. A hairstylist can also work here. There is a Hollywood illuminated mirror. The table is 120cm x 240cm. We have 3 tall stools. There are also another 4 mirrors including a large full length one.

Studio Hire FAQ's  yes we have MUA area and mirrors - model looking in mirror

Yes, you can bring your own food and drink, even booze if you want to have a drink. We have a small kitchen area with a kettle, microwave, toaster, glasses, cups, plates and cutlery. There is a table to set up food if there is a large crew.

Deliveroo is pretty reliable, though you have to keep an eye on the rider as the studio is tucked away and some of the less capable drivers struggle to read a map.

We like to recycle food and drink containers where we can. Please dispose of these in the recycling bin which is in the kitchen area.

Yes, the tap water is drinkable. We have a couple of carafes of chilled water in the fridge.

A polite request… please don’t bring big slabs of small bottles of water. This is a pet hate of mine. I’ve lost count of the number of shoots where we end up chucking loads of bottles that have only had a couple of sips taken out of them. You’re wasting your money and it’s bad for the environment.

If you insist on bringing bottled water, bring a big bottle and use the glasses we have.

No. We don’t recommend this as there may be another shoot going on. Aim to arrive 5-10 max before your start time or you may have to wait outside. Please note the studio may only open 5-10 before your start time.

During the week there may be a space for visitors but it’s not guaranteed as our yard is quite small and there is only space for three cars. The other businesses located in our yard have to load/park and there may be no spaces.

There is street parking on Urlwin St and also Grosvenor Terrace. Maximum stay 4 hours at £2 per hour. I would say about 95% of the time we manage to accommodate 1 car. If multiple people arrive in cars then someone may have to park on the street/pay.

At the weekend it’s easier as the yard is usually empty and the street parking is free.

Please note if you are driving or in a taxi coming south down Walworth / Camberwell Road there is no right turn at the junction onto Urlwin St. Please turn down Grosvenor Terrace and drive around the block.

IMPORTANT Please reverse into the yard. It makes parking/exiting easier. Tuck the nose of your car in front of the gate. Please do not block the other business doors.

We have three places people can use to get changed…

  • The toilet is large enough to get changed in.
  • The production office also doubles up as changing area if you need more space for a stylist to help with the fitting of the garments.
  • There is also a storage area that can be made into a changing room.

Yes, loads of stools of various shapes and sizes, plus 6 dining chairs.
Tables of various sizes can be moved around and we also have some table legs and bench tops that can be built.

Yes, we have quite a few props and materials to help create sets – TO MANY TO LIST.
> > Please don’t be that person that asks me to list all the props we’ve got 🙂 <<
Have a look at this gallery or check out our Instagram

No, the clue is in the name. We’re located in a railway arch so there is regular train noise. It doesn’t last very long – about 10 secs for each train. However, there are a minimum of 12 trains per hour. So you lose about 3 mins per hour to noise.

We have worked round it with quite a few clients that recorded interviews and corporate pieces to camera. Its best to give us a call to discuss what your doing and I’ll let you know if its feasible.