Portrait studio photography gives you the option to completely control the light and create lots of different looks when having your portrait taken. Studio portraiture is a very adaptable type of photography. At Arch Photo Studio, we offer professional portrait services for a wide variety of people and organisations. We can provide portrait images for your business website, social media profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Our portrait photography studio will create images that you actually like. We shoot straight into a computer so you can see the result straight away and feel confident about the portraits you will receive.


We work with singers / musicians, actors, models, and any performer who needs professional headshot photography. Studio portraits are used on their websites, portfolio or for publications. A professional portrait is a vital starting point to landing that perfect role. We also work with individuals that need more serious corporate portrait photography for their websites or social media profiles. 

Photos can range from high-key light and bright, to dark and moody and all tones in between. The key thing is capturing an expression that captures the character of the subject. 


The key to making a great portrait is capturing the subject’s eyes. As the old saying goes the Eyes are windows to the soul and all great portraits will have a connection to the viewer through the subject eyes.

Our working method is informal and relaxed, to get the best out of our subjects we need you relaxed in front of the lights and all the strange studio paraphernalia you will find yourself surrounded by. We have a variety of props, stools, chairs for you to sit in and we also encourage clients to bring props that might work in the shoot.

Below is a gallery showing recent work completed this year. We can create a variety of styles of photography during the same shoot. This means you will have a range of portrait images suitable for different uses.

Recent Portrait Photography Studio Work

Studio Portrait Pricing



  • 1.5 Hour Shoot
  • 100 – 150 Images
  • 1-2 Lighting Set Up
  • 2 Outfit Changes
  • 8 Full Size Selects*
  • + 1 Retouch**
  • Studio Only
  • Head, Mid- Length Shots ONLY


  • 3 Hour Shoot
  • 200 – 400 Images
  • 2-3 Lighting Set Ups
  • 3-4 Outfit Changes
  • 10 Full Size Selects*
  • +3 Retouches**
  • Studio Only
  • Head, Mid and Ful Length Shots
Standard PLUS


  • 3-4 Hour Shoot
  • 400 – 600 Images
  • 4-5 Lighting Set Ups
  • 4-5 Outfit Changes
  • 20 Full Size Selects*
  • + 4 Retouches**
  • Studio & Outdoor*
  • Head, Mid and Ful Length Shots


  • 4-5 Hour Shoot
  • 600 + Images
  • 5-6 Lighting Set Ups
  • 6+ Outfit Changes
  • 30 Full Size Selects*
  • + 6 Retouches**
  • Studio & Outdoor*
  • Head, Mid and Ful Length Shots

Quick Package
…a quick shoot for when you need to update a profile.

Standard Package
…perfect for Individuals or bands looking for updated & creative portraits for a promotion.

Standard PLUS Package
More outfit changes and lighting setups so you have more variety.

Deluxe Package
…we craft a range of different looks and styles. Ideal for musicians, models, performers actors looking to expand their portfolio. Can include headshots if required. When you include all the unedited images which you can play with yourself you have plenty of content for your socials.

Included In All Studio Portrait Pricing Shoots

  • Private Online Gallery of Medium Resolution Images
  • Downloadable Image Gallery of All Unedited Images ( 1500px JPGs )
  • Portrait and US Landscape Style
  • Headshot and 3/4 length ( Full length can be supplied as well )
  • Extra Retouches are only £20 per image.
  • Selects & Retouches Supplied as Full, Medium and Low Res JPG’s
  • Shoot straight into computer so we check the results as we go.

* Full-Size Select Images – These are fine-tuned in Capture One images are cropped, exposure corrections individually adjusted, obvious spots removed.

** Retouched Images – These are taken into Photoshop where I apply a subtle and natural-looking process to the image. Eyes are sharpened, skin is lightly smoothed, fly away hairs are removed, eye bags lightened. Colour grading can also be applied at this stage to create a specific vibe for the image.

PLEASE NOTE – PR and corporate portraiture work will cost a bit more than the above prices and will be quoted on a job by job basis.