producst for a safe photo studio hire

Photography In The Time of Covid-19

As a studio hire business, we were just getting started when the pandemic hit. Now the new normal has been established it’s time to adapt and re-open a safe photo studio hire location.

I’ve been socially isolated from the middle of March and will continue to do so. I’m more concerned about catching the virus during a studio hire and then passing it on to my family, or another client.

So the #1 priority is client safety along with my own. The vectors of infection are people and the surfaces they touch, hence the requirement to social distance, hand washing and cleaning of surfaces.

After carrying out an assessment based on government guidelines as well as reading various posts by scientists I realised the best way to minimise the infection risk whilst opening the studio is to;

  • Reduce the number of people in the studio at any one time.
  • Maintain 2m social distancing.
  • Minimise the amount of time talent is in the studio.
  • Keep the space well-ventilated.
  • Minimise surface touching during the shoot.
  • Clean surfaces between shoots.


Reducing the number of people in the studio on a shoot is the main way of allowing us to re-open. 4 people per shoot + myself until this crisis is over. This will allow plenty of space to socially distance within the studio.


I’m not going to insist on masks being worn, going to leave that up to clients. I would recommend that multi-person crews wear masks. We won’t be providing masts, so you’ll have to bring your own. I’ll be wearing a mask during any lengthy interactions within the studio.

Social Distancing & Ventilation

We’ve taped the studio floor off at 2m intervals so people can maintain social distancing and created zones for people to work/wait in.

The studio is a large volume space, it’s 13m x 7m and the arch is 4.75m high at the apex. We will leave the door shutter open to aid studio ventilation.

Our large studio table works as a natural barrier / one-way system so people can move around.

  • Shutter Zone – Talent Waiting Area / Studio Owner
  • Office – Studio Owner Only
  • Large Table – Shoot Crew
  • Stage Left – Talent Waiting Area / MUA
  • Central Studio – Shoot Crew

Surface Contact Points

  • Entrance Door
  • Toilet
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Studio Equipment

In the short term, as it’s summer the default position will be to leave the shutter door open so clients can walk straight in without touching anything.

If the shutter is closed then you’ll have to kick the shutter door or call me on 07973 844035, step back and let me open the shutter for you.

We’ve installed shelves inside and outside the toilet for dispensing paper towels and hand sanitiser so visitors can wash/sanitise their hands during the shoot.

Cleaning materials are available to wipe down tables/chairs during the shoot and they will be cleaned after the shoot.

Safe Photo Studio Hire Procedures

  • Arrival – Wash hands and you’ll be taken through the studio procedures.
  • Set-Up – Let me in know advance the set-up you require. We can build the lighting and wipe it down.
  • Shoot – You’ll be left on your own. I’ll be in one of my zones.
  • Breakdown – Leave lighting gear in place so it can be wiped down.
  • Cleaning – tables, chairs and door handles cleaned with bleach spray.

If clients follow all these guidelines we’ll be able to get back to creating in a safe photo studio hire location.