Affordable Photo
Studio Hire

From £100/2hrs

Included In Studio Hire

  • Lighting Equipment Included
  • Lighting Advice / Help for Hire Duration
  • Lighting Set-Up / Breakdown
  • Paper Backdrop Usage ( within reason )
  • All The Studio Props We Have
  • Smoke Machine & Gels

Optional Extras

  • Full Creative Lighting Assistance
  • Photography Services
  • Gimbal Hire
  • Tethered Shooting
  • Call For Pricing

Hire Costs

2 Hours*


3 Hours


4 Hours


6 Hours


8 Hours


10 Hours


* About 2 Hour Bookings

These are reviewed before we confirm them and send you a payment request. Your request may not be accepted. Please don’t apply for 2 hours in the middle of the day at any time, or at all at the weekend. 2 hour bookings won’t be accepted at these times. Why You Ask – They stop other longer potential bookings from happening, therefore restricting our potential earnings. We don’t want to stop providing them BUT you have to compromise on when you shoot.

Arch Photo Studio

A flexible photo studio hire space located in a 1200sq ft railway arch off Camberwell Road in south London. Approx 800sq ft of the arch space has been set up for photography and videography.

Our aim is to provide a large, central but affordable south London photo studio hire space for photographers, creatives, and small business owners. We have flash and continuous lighting that are included in the rental price.

We only charge for the paper if you insist on a pristine new section. Basically, it’s a photography space set up by a photographer for creative people. You just need to bring your own camera/photographer. Consider the benefits of using a studio for your next shoot.

Photo Studio Floor Plan

This is my own studio and you are using my own kit I use for portrait and product photography. It’s not as plush as some of the larger London photography studios, but I don’t charge the same rates as them and everything is inclusive so no hidden extras. I’m also on hand to help if required for a small additional fee. You also have access to all the tools and props I’ve accumulated at no extra cost.


For still photography we have one Godox AD600 Pro, two AD400 Pro and three AD200 Pro flash units with Nikon, Canon, Fuji & Sony triggers. We have a range of light modifiers with Bowens mounts including softboxes, beauty dishes, snoots, fresnel spot, umbrellas, gobo projector, magnum reflector, standard reflector with barn door and grids. See the full list below. Check out the BTS Gallery to see the lights and modifiers in action.


For video work we have 1 x 150w White + RGB Spot with Bowens Mount, 3 x White LED Panels, 2 x RGB LED Panels, 1 x Small RGB Light Wand, 3 x 60W LED spotlights with a Bowens mount that can take all the modifiers listed below. Check out the Video Gallery to see the continuous lights in action. We can also set up simple basic green screen studio background.

Please Note

  • The studio isn’t soundproofed and its a railway arch so there is train noise on a regular basis. It’s not suitable for shooting long sequences.
  • The photography studio is only suitable for strobe or continuous light work as there is no natural light.

Backdrops, Props & Set Builds

There is a white MDF stage and back wall that objects can be attached to. We have selection of around 17 backdrop papers . White obviously, warm and cool mid greys, dark charcoal grey as standard, plus a range of colours including; pink, yellow, red, purple, beige and off white, various blues. Call for details.

Tabletop supports and sheet materials for smaller product photography setups are also available. Arch Photo Studio is also my workshop, so we have a range of tools and equipment that can be used for set building. Call for details on how we can help you with your photo studio hire in London.

We also have a range of props and fabrics that can be used to create rooms. We have 4 poly board stands when combined with the black backdrops allow you to create intimate rooms where you can just light the subject as shown in the above image.

Equipment Included

  • Wall Fixed Paper Backdrop system
  • Range of Colorama Backdrops
  • Godox AD600 Pro Flash x1
  • Godox AD400Pro Flash x2
  • Godox AD200 Pro Flash x 3
  • Triggers-Nikon/Canon/Sony/Fuji
  • Heavy Duty C – Stand x1
  • Light stands x 9
  • Vinten pro Touch 5 Tripod
  • Manfrotto Tripod – Ball Head
  • Various Strobe Light Modifiers
  • Wheeled Boom Stand X 1
  • Neewer 660 RGB Led Light x 2
  • LED Light Panels x 3 Units
  • 150W Godox RGB Spot x 1
  • 60W LED Spot Lights x 3 units
  • 50cm RGB Light wand
  • Movable Backdrop System
  • 5 in 1 Round reflector + Stand
  • Stools, Tables & props
  • 60cm Sq. Product Photography Tent
  • Rode Shotgun mic
  • Fresnal Spot
  • Magnum Reflector
  • 18cm Silver Reflector + Grids
  • Snoot With Grid
  • 4 x Large Polystyrenes + Stands
  • 100cm Square Softbox + Grid
  • 120cm Octabox + grid
  • 120cm Westcott Square Softbox
  • 180cm ø Umbrella Softbox
  • 130cm ø Umbrella Softbox
  • 70cm ø Parabolic Softbox
  • 120cm Strip Softbox + Grid x2
  • 100cm White Beauty Dish
  • 55cm Silver Beauty Dish
  • Umbrellas x 3 – Large / Small
  • Lastolite 7 in 1 Hand Held Reflector
  • 80cm Camera Slider Video Track
  • clamps & studio paraphernalia
  • Fibre Broadband Wifi
  • Clothes Rails with Hangers x2
  • Clothes Steamer
  • Bluetooth Speaker System
  • Selection Of Coloured Gels
  • Smoke Machine
  • Gobo Projector + Patterns
  • Leaf Blower – aka a Wind Machine

Terms & Conditions

  • This price includes the use of all the equipment above.
  • Minimum booking is a 2 hours slot. Weekdays only at Beginning / End of Day
  • The maximum group size allowed is 20
  • Weekday studio bookings can be made between 8am – 7pm.
  • Weekend studio bookings can be made between 9am – 6pm.
  • Evening bookings beyond normal hours can also be made at £60 per hour.
  • Overtime is £15 per 15min block.
  • Payment with order required to secure booking.
  • Your booking is fully refundable with 72 hours’ notice of cancellation.
  • 50% refundable on 48 hours’ notice.
  • Payment is non-refundable on a no show.
  • If you seriously damage or require pristine new backdrop paper there is an £10 per m charge.
  • If you require a specific backdrop colour, order it from Wex and get it delivered directly to us.
  • Check out our FAQ page for answers as well