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Advantages Of Using a Photo Studio

Why should you use a photo studio? The benefits of using a photography studio for certain types of work often outweigh trying to shoot outdoors, especially on a commercial shoot. So here are 12 advantages of using a photo studio for your next photoshoot, which overcome these and a few other issues you may not have thought of.

There are loads of great outdoor spaces to shoot in London but let’s face it, British weather isn’t always the best. Like myself, I’m sure you’ve also been moved on by an overzealous security guard when trying to photograph someone in a good location. Where do the models change / crew go to the toilet? These are just a few of the problems you might face trying to do guerrilla location photoshoots in London. If you are planning your first photo shoot head to our 13 tips on organising your first photoshoot.

#1 – Control The Weather 

The number one reason to shoot in a studio is to control the environment. Especially here in the UK where the weather is unpredictable and can be quite rubbish at times. Wind, rain, cold or hot temperatures can all ruin a shoot. By shooting in a studio, the weather is never an issue. Not having to deal with inclement weather will make the whole production process easier. 

#2 – Ease Of Production

The bare minimum for a shoot is 2 people – photographer/model, or photographer/client for product photography. Basing yourself in a studio makes the creative process easier. You have the space to work and also access to creature comforts such as toilets, kitchen, and changing areas.

People generally don’t realise how much space is needed to light your subject, use the best focal length and have a decent production space for getting everyone ready. Booking the right sized photo studio will give you the space to create.

Editorial Fashion Shoot
Go Dark and Moody Easily

When your shoots expand from this basic set-up to include – makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, hairdressers, videographers, set designers, and lighting assistants. Not having to worry about where all these people go to the toilet is one less worry. 

Also, consider that photo studios can be used as a base for outdoor shoots. Here at Arch Photo, we’ve been used as a base for shoots in our local area of Camberwell. There are plenty of interesting locations nearby such as Burgess Park and Addington Square where you can shoot. 

fashion model in red studio
Creative Lighting Is Easy in the Studio

#3 – Control Lighting & Colour Balance 

The sun playing hide and seek between the clouds doesn’t happen in the studio. If you want hard light – stick a reflector on your light source, need soft light, stick a softbox on. You have complete control of the light. You can tweak it until you get the right balance of light for the mood/style of image you want. Good studios will have a range of lighting modifiers and equipment which will let you have complete creative control.  No having balance or killing the natural light because it’s causing ugly shadows/colour casts.

#4 – Repeatability

Once you set up your lights, and backdrop and create your set, all your images will be the same, apart from what the model is doing. You can concentrate on getting the right shape for the clothes and expression from the model. This repeatability is vital for fashion, eCommerce and Product Photography. Also, take some BTS shots and make a note of your settings. If you need to repeat the same set-up at a later date this info will be really helpful.

green screens one of the advantages of using a photo studio
Green Screen For Post Production Creativity

#5 – Creating the Set  – Backgrounds  / Green Screen Options

The next most important thing is the ability to create sets. Most decent studios should have a range of coloured paper backdrops available and a range of props, such as chairs. With the addition of your own props, you can style your shoot to create unique images. Using a photo studio gives you complete control over this process. Working in a studio, lets you change sets and backgrounds quickly and easily. If there is a green screen option you shoot the models and drop the background in afterwards, though make sure you match the lighting or the image will look odd.

#6 – Nom, Nom, Nom –  I’m Hungry

A hungry crew is never a happy crew. As the old saying goes an army marches on its stomach, and so do film shoots. Photoshoots involving a large crew including models, technical crew, make-up artists, wardrobe, and clients can become a logistical nightmare. Being able to get food delivered easily to a single address rather than Deliveroo trying to find some random location means one less thing to worry about. Medium to large studios will have a kitchen so you can prepare food and hot/cold drinks.

#7 – Privacy, Security, Safety

Shooting on a closed studio set will allow you to control who is around the shoot. Locations shoots may need permissions and having to deal with the general public and the potential for people to catcall, film and disturb your photoshoot. A studio gives everyone the privacy required to concentrate on making great images. This is critical for portrait shoots as the subjects can feel quite self-conscious and having the privacy of studio will help ease there nerves.

Cameras On Tripods
We Have Lots Of Equipment

#8 – Additional Equipment and a Helping Hand

On location, you’ve only got the equipment you brought with you. Forget a cable? need a tripod, want to try using a lighting gel? One of the benefits of using photo studios is most will have all this equipment to hand. It also means less kit for you to carry around. Need an extra hand on set to haul something into place? Most studios have staff that can assist with simple things for no charge. For a small additional fee, you can get an assistant to help with the whole shoot. Assistants from the studio will also know all the equipment and how to use it. Need help, just ask. Studios know a happy customer is a repeat customer and are usually happy to help.

styling accessories on table at photoshoot
You Can Never Have Too Many Sunglasses on Set

#9 – Space for Stylists MUA and Hair To Prepare

I didn’t realise when setting up Arch Photo Studio the amount of space required for pre-production.  Hair, make-up and styling are usually critical to the final image. They need quite a lot of tables and hanging space for all their gear and clothes. Studio spaces have these spaces for laying out all the clothing options. Tables, high chairs, makeup mirrors and for hair and make-up to work their magic. Check out our BTS Gallery to see how people use our studio.

#10 – Work When You Want To

Scheduling a shoot based on daylight hours only is another layer of hassle when organising one. Clients/models may only be able to work at specific times. Using a studio means you can work at any hour. However, there is usually a cost implication for working out of normal hours. Building up a relationship with a studio by using them regularly means you can usually get shoots at odd hours. Using the same studio also means you get to know their equipment. This should let you work more efficiently.

advantages of using a photo studio - shoot tethered and see results straight away
See The Results Straight Away

#11 – Start Post Production Straight Away /  Tethering  Client Approval

Setting up a laptop and shooting directly into it is possible on location, BUT it’s much easier in the studio. One major advantage of using a photo studio is you can set up your laptop, fire up Capture One and shoot straight into the computer. You can do this usually whilst hair and make-up are doing their job. Seeing the images as they are shot on a computer means fewer mistakes. You can also get client approval as you go along which is great as you know you’ve got the shot. Which means a lot less stress in the post-production period.

#12 – Combine Stills and Videography

The ongoing demand for video in social media marketing means having the ability to take still images and create videos is a must for a lot of eCommerce and fashion brands. Using a larger studio space with the ability to set up both kinds of light. You can kill two birds with one stone and shoot both simultaneously. Saving time and money from the marketing budget.

advantages of using a photo studio - shoot video and still together
Continuous Lights Only For Product Shoot

Advantages Of Using a Photo Studio

Hopefully once you way up the benefits you’ll consider using a studio for your next shoot. Here at Arch Photo Studio, we offer great rates, inclusive lighting equipment and a range of props you can use free of charge. Give us a call and let us see how we can help you.

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